At Global Paradigm International School, we are dedicated to supporting the personal, social and academic success of our students. We acknowledge that the students’ psychological and emotional wellbeing is crucial to their academic achievement and socialization within their communities. In an effort to achieve that, school staff and parents/guardians may refer the students for counseling, or the students may request counseling themselves. Reasons for counseling could include, but are not limited to: self-esteem, relationship difficulties, emotional issues, mood disturbances, bullying and planning.

Provision of Counseling Services

It is the policy of Global Paradigm School to obtain the parent/guardian’s written consent for counseling that will take place on a regular basis and/or if the case is severe. The counseling sessions are completely voluntary and are either twice a week, weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the student’s needs and the assessment of the school counselor), no longer than fifty-minutes each. They are provided during the student’s convenient time within school hours, and in no way interfere with their academic progress. The counseling service is not intended as a substitute for psychological diagnosis or medication, which are not the school’s responsibility.