Role of the H&S Committee:

work in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure all school personnel, pupils and parents are aware of and comply with this policy.
  • Be responsible for the implementation of the school safety policy and to develop a culture of safety throughout the school
  • Be trained in and will keep up to date with all health and safety legislation.
  • Periodically report to the Premises, Health, Safety and Security Sub-committee.
  • Ensure that all school personnel fulfil their duties to co-operate with the policy.
  • Provide leadership and vision in respect of equality.

Ensure risk assessments:

  • Are undertaken by members of the senior management team and other competent members of the school personnel.
  • Are in place and cover all the main aspects of the school
  • Are accurate and suitable.
  • Are easily available for all school personnel.
  • Ensure a thorough risk assessment is undertaken and all school personnel are notified once a new hazard has been identified.
  • Ensure advice is sought from appropriate outside agencies in order to complete certain risk assessments.
  • Provide training for the appropriate school personnel so that they are aware of the process of completing a risk assessment.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of all risk assessments and safe systems of work.

Be vigilant and aware of possible risks by undertaking regular health and safety inspections of: 

  • The general condition of the school building(s).
  • The general condition of the school grounds.
  • All entrances, exits and finger guard protection.
  • Fire safety precautions.
  • Electrical equipment and electrical power points.
  • Heating, lighting and ventilation.
  • All glazed areas.
  • Floor surfaces.
  • Toilets and showers;
  • Storage of equipment;
  • Storage of hazardous substances;
  • PE equipment and other specialist equipment;
  • Standards of cleaning.
  • Ensure all inspections are recorded and reported to the Premises, Health, Safety and Security Sub-committee
  • Report any accidents or dangerous occurrences;
  • Investigate the causes of any accident, dangerous occurrence or near miss;
  • Put into place a safe system to prevent any accident, dangerous occurrence or near miss happening again;
  • Have in place an emergency plan to cover any major incident;

Have in place: 

  • Fire precautions and an emergency evacuation plan in the event of fire.   
  • Procedures for first aid provision 
  • Procedures for the control of substances hazardous to health.
  •  An electrical maintenance plan