GPBS learning support is provided at three graduated levels that aim to maximise inclusive learning while also supporting the additional and/ or special education needs.

Levels of 
Level 1 Quality first teaching Offers students an inclusive and well-differentiated experience in everyday lessons. This provides high quality teaching for all (not only those students who are on the Register) with support, as appropriate, to achieve age related expectations. The inclusive learning team and teachers will collaborate to put in place individual learning targets and strategies, and to monitor learning progress. Progress for students placed at level 1 on the Inclusive Learning Register will be reviewed termly by the class teacher - Early Years, Key Stages 1 & 2 - or Head of Key Stage (Key Stages 3, 4, 5) and Inclusive Learning Team.
Level 2 Offers students especially targeted, short term support to boost key skills/ key points of learning. This can enable learners to work at or above age related expectations. Booster support is targeted at a group of students with similar needs. At this level also the inclusive learning team may carry out or recommend specific specialist assessments to fine tune learning targets and strategies.
Level 3 Offers intensive targeted support including one-to-one or small group support by a specialist teacher or a learning support assistant to ensure that highly tailored support is linked to precise personal targets and timescales. Individual, specialised targets are written in consultation with students, parents and teachers and are reviewed termly. All students transitioning to Level 3 should already have or be in the process of gaining specialist reports and assessments. Existing reports must be no more than 3 years old. Where a new assessment is required this process must be completed within 6 months of the school’s recommendation.  When a student continues to experience barriers to their learning and to make inadequate progress, despite the intensive level of provision provided, a case conference may be held to discuss suitability of provision, ability to access the curriculum and level of independence. At this stage the suitability of year group placement or continued enrolment may be reviewed.